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GLR SYSTEMS provides IT Resources with increased efficiency, reduced costs and in time.

IT Resource Management

GLR SYSTEMS provides organizations with IT professionals having vast experience in different technologies and business knowledge of various industries. We can provide resources for long term and short term contracts based on your requirements. We provide individuals with real world experience and technical expertise to effectively meet your needs. Information Technology is constantly changing with new technologies evolving every day; it is not always an easy task to find the right resource. GLR SYSTEMS has a proven track record of providing IT Professionals with high technical expertise. Our employees are put through rigorous technical evaluation before selection for any opportunity and we always provide them with required training to be up to date with evolving technologies.

Project Management

GLR SYSTEMS has experienced project management professionals to organize and manage resources to meet the scope of the project, time deadlines and cost constraints. Our project management team has knowledge of all the aspects of the software development cycle to effectively plan the product development. They have experience in planning the various activities of project management including allocation of resources, assigning tasks, experience in project management software, tracking and reporting progress, quality management.

Customer Relationship Management

GLR SYSTEMS offers CRM services used by companies to manage relationship with clients. We offer resources to built applications to meet your CRM needs. We offer services to build applications which automate various aspects of customer relationship management like

  • Sales Automation
  • Customer Service and Support Automation
  • Marketing Automation