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A collection of thin-client applications and web services for the day-to-day operations of utilities co-operatives. Co-op managers can deploy all or some modules all at once or one at a time. Training requirements are minimal and mostly interactive. Applications execute locally or from the Svalsoft Server Farm.Back-ups are automatic and disaster recovery is incredibly simple.

A collection of thin-client and smart client applications for small to mediumsize wired /wireless networks of entities with up to 10 payroll locations with 50 employees each or 50 payroll locations with 10 employees each. Multiple city, county and state tax jurisdictions. Various weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly reports plus all federal and state wage forms including W-2.
A web based application for petroleum distributors for processing orders for fuel, lubricating oils, process oils by various customer account types - manufacturers, airports, construction sites - which involve various taxes and fees across many jurisdictions. Gives customer quotes and prepares complete invoice and on-line payment transactions. Can interact with most major accounting pkgs.

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